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Are you looking for more customers?

Get more customers using Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube ads that work. 

Take advantage of the AI and cutting edge digital tools to target people based on what they are sharing, how they're feeling and where they're going. 

We create campaigns using stories, all humans

connect with stories not random ads. 


Omni presence for your business across the web and all visitors' devices.

Ad targeting capabilities that are the best

in the history of mankind. 

Are you maximizing revenue from your virtual reality?

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Hi, my name is Ammar Haque and I'm the CEO. I have been in retail for over 14 years.


I have worked for Audi, BMW and Mercedes to name a few. More about me on Linkedin.


Over the years, I have been frustrated with how the digital world has evolved yet majority of the businesses are still operating and marketing the same old ways.

This led me to launch my company. We use AI for smart and efficient ad spend along with targeting. 


Marketing isn't just about putting random generic ads in front of people. We create ads (messages) that resonate with people and solve their biggest problems.


Every customer, online or offline, only opens up their wallet when they find a solution for their specific problem. We help your business be that solution.

At Rev Marketing we help small businesses and eCommerce stores grow their revenue online.  


Rev- Revenue Essential Value Marketing combines the expertise of a large expensive agency, with a personalized touch of a boutique firm. We’re passionate about helping companies see better marketing results with less stress and confusion. We firmly believe their success is our success. 


Our Mission?

Businesses are down across the board and the only solution is getting more customers. We help you find your uniqueness and amplify your message using today's cutting edge technology throughout the web. It's about getting time back. Getting freedom and predictability back into your life, so you can work on your business, rather than in your business.

We help businesses grow by building and optimizing 

their online sales process, which is also known as

customer journey.

We help you create relevant content and ads.

Higher the relevance, the cheaper the cost.

What you'll learn


The reason why businesses face stagnation, or even worse: a decline, is because they don't have have a predictable and consistent way to get customers in front of them.

We are a problem solving, revenue generating digital marketing agency.













Facebook Ads

  • Most powerful advertising platform on Earth! It also owns Instagram.

  • Facebook is a demand generating traffic channel.

  • Facebook’s pixel/tracker has more of the account level information vs Google. At the account level, Facebook can follow a user regardless of which device they use. Users can jump between different devices, should it be a tablet, cell phone, work computer, or home computer etc.

  • Facebook's pixel tracks every single user that lands on your website. We can then go on the backend and target every single visitor.

  • With over active 6 million advertisers, Facebook has direct access to the activity of over 6 million websites. Facebook's algorithm tracks every single click and behavior performed on these websites and learns about its users. Artificial intelligence segments the traffic/people into different audience pool and knows who is more likely to be interested in your product/service. We can use all of this data to place a well thought out ad in front of your customers and present you as the solution.

  • Facebook is a moving dynamic thing like life,

    • The connections people make socially with other users

    • The pages that people like

    • How their interest changes overtime

    • All this data is collected by the algorithm

    • The more the data, the better it is. It allows us to target the ideal customer at the right time and present them with an offer. 

  • Ad targeting capabilities are the best in the history of mankind.

  • There’s never been any advertising platform that had this power to target people in such a specific way. 













Google AdWords

  • It’s the largest search engine in the world. It's a demand fulfillment platform. I'm sure you know it owns YouTube as well.

  • It allows us to put ads in front of customers at the right place at the exact moment in time.

  • Customers type certain keywords to search for certain product/service. Through keyword analysis, we can figure out customers' intent, some of their buying patterns, what they're researching for and what’s on their mind.

  • When a customer is searching online for something specific, it means they are actively looking for it. They type it into Google to find a solution or to find the information on the web about the "thing" they're looking for.

  • Google has active prospects, whereas, other platforms have passive prospects.

  • Biding on random keywords without the backing of any data is just a waste. 


  • We need to know what people are thinking (have to keep up with the keywords).

    • What they are looking to buy?

    • What kind of content would resonate with them?

    • What problems are your customers facing and how are you providing solutions to those problems? Problems could be; too many options to choose from, how do they know they are making the right choice, who should they give their business to, are they going to feel good after making their choice, would they regret their decision, are they going to have a good experience? I'm sure you get the picture.

  • Google is a great way to monitor your competitors' activity as well. Once we analyze their campaign, we can then redirect their traffic to your business by bidding on the right keywords.


Businesses who live on "referrals", very rarely actually scale, and paid ads is the way to get in front of your customers.

The minute we think something is impossible; it simply becomes impossible for you and not for someone else.



We send a custom proposal.


We gain access to your existing online presence, and fill the gaps.


We execute our strategy, launch Social Media and/or Google Ads, develop your web presence, and publish consistent and relevant content that holds true to your brand.



We get on a call or meet in person. We learn about your business and your goals so we can develop a strategy.



We analyze the digital performance, report, and optimize to improve.

Taking action doesn't change your life right away but it definitely starts something!

Intention gets you to what you want and action gets you to execute.




We can't wait to hear from you

8583 Irvine Center Dr

Suite 355

Irvine, CA 92618

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