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The Top Five Marketing Fears of Online Businesses and How REV Can Fix Them

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

By CEO/Founder

Digital marketing saw a boost in activity and profitability in recent years. Advertising went to new heights with social media. When there are so many out there doing the same thing, it will be a tough challenge to make a choice.

Then there are stories from your friends or relatives who spent thousands of dollars and never made a sale. You heard that right: ZERO SALES.

The client is not to blame if his experience left a sour taste in the mouth. His money went down the drain and got nothing out of it. It’s sad but it’s these bad experiences that strike fear in the hearts of business owners. As such, you are afraid to advertise and you start believing in marketing myths.

To help ease your fears, we have compiled the top five marketing fears of business owners. As we investigate what these fears are, we will also provide solutions and insights why REV is different from the rest.

Marketing Costs Too Much

Advertising could cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Companies that advertise on television have to spend according to airtime and rates, and there is no control over who sees the message. Those who advertise on billboards face a similar issue. Not only is there a huge cost for printing a giant billboard, but also other costs like payment for the rental of the billboard space, maintenance, taxes, and others.

Radio advertisements are the same. Advertisers pay for the length of the ad, the time it was aired and the frequency, meanwhile still having no way to target their audience.

Do you really think that online marketing will cost you that much?

Today, business owners have dozens of options to pay for advertising and they can select specific ways to optimize their ads. You can target specific people, locations, and age brackets. You can pay only for clicks or per impression.

In fact, you can spend as little as $5 per day on your advertising costs. The amount of money you spend is equivalent to the goals you wish to achieve. This means that you will only pay more if you want to reach more people, and you are in control how this happens.

At REV Marketing, we believe that we should only concentrate our marketing efforts on what is essential to your business. We are equipped with the knowledge to provide you options that will fit your budget.

What are these options? Below is a high-level overview of some of the services we provide:

· PPC – this is pay-per-click advertising for search and display network. You will only pay for the advertising cost if the person clicked on your advertisement banner. If they didn’t, you don’t need to shell out money. Your efforts didn’t go to waste because at the very least, a customer saw your product!

· Social Media – This is perhaps the most popular. You can release PPC ads, video ads, and other advertisements that show up on feeds/stories. You only pay a small amount for the results of your advertisement. You are in full control of how much you want to spend per day, who you want to show it to, and which platform.

In addition, you can run a parallel ad with a different budget, design and see which one performs better. This is called A/B testing.

· Retargeting- it’s also known as remarketing. We develop a strategy to keep your brand in front of the traffic that is bouncing off your website. Most sites convert at 2% so we help you target the other 98% of the traffic. Statistics indicate that customers need to see your ad at least 7 times before they begin to engage. This is why TV ads are repeated again and again until the viewer is convinced to try the product or the service.

Cost is relative. It depends on your goals, your strategy, and the platform of your choosing. At REV, we offer packages that will fit your budget. We will help you find an optimum cost that will balance good results and minimal costs.


There is an ongoing myth that no one can prove if the success of online marketing can be measured.

At REV, we say the opposite. You can prove your ROI with online data from internet advertising.

Measuring your marketing success on television, radio, and billboard is difficult. Online, we have a multitude of tools that will inform us who purchased your item and where they found it. We have tools that will help us know if they clicked on the ad or commented on it.

Supposing that you advertised on Facebook, we will know how many people were redirected to your website. We know what age group they are in, which country or state they live in, and what their gender is.

If your goal is web traffic, we know how many people clicked your advertisement and went to your website. From there, we can measure how much you are spending to acquire a new visitor. This is important because you will know what kind of content engages your customers and at what price point.

We provide data that gives you meaningful insights like cost per click, click through rate, etc. From these insights, you have the ability to calculate your return on investment. If you spent $500 on an ad and you got $5,000 in sales from these marketing efforts, then we can say that your ROI is 1,000%.

So what does all of this mean to you? If the ROI of your ad is poor, then we know that you are targeting the wrong people. From this data, we can make recommendations about who to show your ads to. These are recommendations based on actual performance.

Mind you, these insights can totally change your perspective on how you should run your marketing efforts. You will have the ability to see where the traffic is coming from, if the traffic is connecting with your message and if you need to make adjustments.


Many people who created ads in the past claim that it does not work. In life, nothing works if you are doing it the wrong way.

Not all business owners and entrepreneurs are gifted with the right skills to advertise. Most innovators, who invented or designed an amazing product, or those who have the ability to provide great services, have to rely on marketing experts to get their brand out in the world. Without the right approach to digital marketing, your efforts may not yield your desired results.

At REV Marketing, we know how to create value for your consumers, and most importantly, we know how to convey these values. We have the right techniques and applications to make your brand stand out and show the value that you bring to the world.

On top of this, our specialists have the right skills to create your content. Be it written materials or graphic arts, we have what it takes to create meaningful ad copy that will catch attention.

It does not end there. We will help you find your target audience, help you get clear with your message, and help you create an advertisement that your customers will find interesting. In addition, we create ads based on demographics, interests and behaviors.

In essence, we first try to understand who your product or service is for. And then we create content that your target market might be interested in clicking. We run different ad sets to measure results. Next, we only advertise your content to the correct demographic.

As you can see, this takes time, energy, focus and continuous testing. We analyze and collect data, scale the ads that are performing and cut the ones that aren’t gaining traction. We are your outsourced CMO.


The online world can be daunting. As such, you have no clue which platform to use.

Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? As a business owner, you should not be inundated with these choices. You have to seek help from professionals and let them handle this for you.

At REV, we know what is Essential. We help you find the right platforms. We help you create Value and we show your message to a targeted audience that is more likely to convert.

With REV, we value your money. We want to make sure that your advertising costs are optimized and that each dollar is spent wisely.

If a blogger-preneur is advertising on Instagram, no one will care. People on Instagram are much more receptive and engaged with pictures of food, clothing, and lifestyle. They are not inclined to participate or engage with words.


Many businesses do not have faith in advertising and rely heavily on word of mouth. That is because the majority of the agencies do not help you answer these basic questions and they just put a random ad in front of anyone and everyone.

At REV, we give you full control of your funds. It is our recommendation but it is your decision. We do not promise to make you a millionaire. Our commitment is to create and execute marketing efforts that work over time.

We believe that if one thing is too good to be true, then it probably is. And so do you. Don’t you?

That’s why we are careful about setting our client’s expectations. We make no promises of grandeur. What we promise is our commitment to help you achieve your goals. We will be working closely with you and make the necessary adjustments based on your goals. We will tweak our strategy according to the actual performance of the ads that we create.


Digital marketing is not simple. It requires extensive knowledge, years of experience, and technical know-how. We at REV have specialists that fulfill these three fundamentals.

Our pillars for success are comprised of three things:

· Revenue – it is always our mindset to help you increase your sales. We offer different packages that will suit your marketing budget.

· Essential – we do not guess. We analyze and make informed decisions. We rely on data to help both you and our team understand where the inefficiency is. From data, we make extrapolations on what we think is the best approach to make your marketing efforts succeed.

· Value – the customer is the most important aspect. Without them, your business will not thrive. At REV, we add value not only to you as our client but also to your customers. We use the right communication strategy and benefits of your products/services to your customers, thus creating long-term loyal engaging customers.

We operate our business on these three pillars. With us partnering with you, we can take your business to new levels.

So always remember: we bring Revenue, do what is Essential, and create Value.

We are REV.

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